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A few of our customers
The new MMD2

Our new Mini Multi Detector. The first ever truly multi sensor. This unit will drive any fitting. A combined miniature version of the CAM3 & CDM3.

Find out more here
The new MBF1

Our new Multi Batten Fitting, a truly multi sensor with the ability to drive any batten fitting. It can be fitted, or retro fitted, to any batten light fitting.

Find out more here
Welcome to Greenlite Controls

Greenlite Automatic Lighting controls ensure that lighting is only on if an area is occupied and the ambient light level is too low for normal use. They not only conserve energy but in doing so pay for themselves within 1 to 5 years (on average only 2).

Reductions of up to 70% of lighting costs can be achieved by using our products compated to ordinary light switches. In new buildings it is actually cost effective to use our automatic controls instead of fitting switches. Conservation which saves money and makes sense.

Here at Greenlite we aim to provide you with an extensive range of great quality
and energy saving lighting controls.

Our cost effective products come with a range of benefits including:

Simple to install and comission

All products conform to BS EN 61000

Manufactured in the UK by Greenlite Controls Ltd.

Friendly technical and sales support

Energy and cost saving, reducing your carbon footprint

A years Warranty on all products
An example of our products in use, plus the energy & cost savings they can make.
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